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Saturday, August 4, 2012

kvm virtual machine won't start

Recently I brought my KVM host down for an upgrade. I shut down the guests within their OSes, confirmed they were powered off with a virsh list --all, and everything went well with the upgrade.

However, upon returning the guests to service, one of them would not start up. Typing virsh start I got the helpful error message

Error restoring domain: cannot send monitor command
Connection reset by peer

Why was this one VM broken but the others were fine?

I played around with virsh autostart and virsh autostart --disable but that had no effect, nor did a reboot of the hypervisor.

After some searching around, it turns out libvirt has the capability to keep "managed save states" of guests, kinda like a sleep mode or snapshot, to save you fully powering a guest OS off.

For some reason, a managed save for this one guest had been created, perhaps it had not shut down properly, or perhaps there's an errorr in libvirt. I could view the saved state with

# virsh list --all --managed-save
 Id Name                 State
  - guest1               shut off
  - guest2               saved

Now a virsh managedsave-remove guest2 returned it to the "shut off" state, and I could start it properly with virsh start as per usual.

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