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Friday, November 21, 2008

stjerm - a lightweight dropdown terminal

stjerm is a lightweight, dropdown (aka: quake-style) terminal emulator. it's great for those times when you quickly need a full terminal to do something (like a grep or convert) for just a few seconds. here's a quick preview:

it's quite lightweight, built with gtk2, and even supports tabs. it's available in ubuntu intrepid with just sudo apt-get install stjerm, or source is here at googlecode

to launch it, run it at least with the option stjerm -k f12, and hit the F12 key to hide and show the terminal. a man stjerm will show all options, and you can save your setup in ~/.Xdefaults, here's mine:

stjerm.key: f12
stjerm.mod: control
stjerm.background: #000000
stjerm.foreground: #44ddff
stjerm.opacity: 80
stjerm.lines: 50000
stjerm.width: 1024
stjerm.height: 768

to get stjerm running in ubuntu hardy or debian, install the build dependencies and tools (sudo apt-get install automake libvte-dev libgtk2.0-dev), and follow the installation guide in the stjerm wiki to compile and install

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